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Distance Reiki

Receive donation based distance reiki by request. 

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Reiki means “universal life force" and activates the healing energy we’re all born with. 

"We are not a body with a soul, but a soul with a body."

-- Wayne Dye

To learn Reiki, one receives an attunement and learns specific hand positions through which to send Reiki. With their hands attuned, they can either rest them on a recipient’s body or—when becoming second-degree Reiki practitioners— learn a distance symbol that enables them to “dial up” and connect with a person’s energetic essence.

Reiki can then be sent across time and space.

How does distance Reiki work?

Think of a cell phone. It’s not necessary to be in physical proximity to a caller to talk on a cell phone, as cell phones use electromagnetic radio waves to connect with other cell phones.

Similarly, Reiki recipients do not need to be in physical proximity to Reiki practitioners to receive Reiki, just as practitioners don’t need to be near recipients to send it. 

While many who receive distant Reiki sit comfortably still or lie down for sessions, which may be as brief as 15 minutes, it’s not necessary to take a timeout. You could be driving to work and receive distant Reiki. Libby says. The cells of the body are intelligent. They can pull in the energy and use it appropriately to activate the wellness within.

Reiki can be requested for a person, child, pet, place, future event, intention, affirmation, healing of past event, healing of future event. 



Don’t Take Just our Word For it

At first, I was suspicious. "How will this work if we aren't in the same place" , but I put those thoughts down and gave into the possibility. Niki told me to sit with my eyes closed and just breathe. She began her work, and being a first time, I had no idea what to expect. As the minutes went by, I started to get tingling in may hands and the feeling of vibration. I never realized this was the Reiki working until Niki sent me a text explaining all that she noticed within me during the session. She mentioned the tingling and I knew that I had received the healing I so needed. She ran through the explanation of her observances and they were completely on point! The most sociable success was how I felt after. More relaxed, peaceful, and the negativity that I had moments earlier fell away. It was like a complete energy shift. I don't know much about Reiki and I certainly didn't realize this healing practice was something that could be performed with distance, but I certainly felt more grounded after. She left me with advice that I already knew I needed but having the affirmations given in such healing and loving way was what I needed at the time. I was able to stay open and allow the healing to happen! If you ahve never tried Reiki I suggest making time to explore the possibilities. Thank You Niki! 


I had my first reiki session ever with Niki and it was an amazing experience. I didn’t know what to expect and, truthfully, I’m still processing what I experienced...but I can tell you this...I am more at peace and content than I was before the session. She helped me heal and let go of something that I didn’t even realize was holding me down. I definitely recommend Niki.


“I’ve had two reiki sessions with Niki and both times I’ve had a thought about something and when she gave me the reading, she was able to tell me what I was thinking about.  Great connection.”


I had a remote Reiki session with Niki.  It was amazing.

At the time that we had the session scheduled, I sat on the recliner so that I could relax and really tune into my body.  As soon as Niki started Reiki on me I had this tingle in my throat and if felt a bit scratchy.  I have thyroid issues so I found the feeling interesting.

As the session continued I felt some heaviness in my chest then it moved down to my gut and my gut began to rumble and gurgle.   I noticed a slight headache also.  None of the sensations were uncomfortable though I did notice something going on in my body.  

When the session ended she let me know what she found during the session.My throat chakra was lacking.  I sure felt Niki working on my throat with tingling and scratchiness. My sacral chakra was small, it has to do with Creativity, passion for life, and emotions.  That explains the gut rumbling, I have been struggling with creativity and emotions.  

Niki said my crown chakra was powerful so the explained the slight headache.  

I really felt energy moving while Niki was doing the reiki session and I felt so calm and peaceful after the session.  She said the word that kept coming up was Peace and I felt it!

Angie B ~ Las Vegas, NV

Niki’s ability to perform the healing art of Reiki is marvelous, leaving me feeling content, relaxed, and fulfilled! I feel so grateful to have experienced it face-2-face on a few occasions. And now that we have done it over distance, and it worked just as well, I’m even more stoked!

Recently she gave me distant reiki. What an incredible skill! It was evening time and I was getting into bed after a pretty long, trying day, in which my mood had been pretty irregular throughout. In fact, you could have said I was in “rare form”. 

As she began, I was unaware. Got up from bed, brushed my teeth, and did those other few ‘before bed’ items. Got back into bed, lied down, and realized she had begun. I was feeling an instant calming sensation, and at the same time a light uplifting. When she was finished I felt that familiar warm loving Reiki feeling and felt nested back into my normal daily energy pattern,no longer off-center. For the first time all day I was not annoyed, but rather Grounded and Content :) 

When we spoke after she let me know she worked a lot on my root chakra, which wasn’t grounded before she started. To which I thought, “that makes a lot of sense!”.

I’m a huge advocate for Reiki. And Niki’s distant Reiki did not disappoint. It helped me tie myself back to myself, the earth, and my environment :)




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